Outdoor display at TecMaia. The idea was create a unique image with several elements – water, trees and bonsai.

Semana Energia EDP

Collaboration with EDP in the event Semana da Energia at Alcorriol, Torres Novas. We develop a bonsai workshop with elder, but very active students, 2

Fnac Mar Shopping

Talking about the 5 basic steps to take care of your bonsai – light, water, soil, nutrition and prunning. A superb group of curious participants.

Pinguim Café

We accept the challenge and add one week bonsai display at one of the most historical and cultural bars in Porto – Pinguim Café. A

Critical Techworks

Talking about how to create and maintain a bonsai at Critical Techworks, in 2 team building workshops (Porto and Lisbon) with 50 amazing participants.


We create a unique set of large bonsai trees for the Green Area of TEDxPorto at Alfândega do Porto. The idea is using large bonsai

Selina Porto

Bonsai masterclass in a amazing place – Selina, Porto. We work and design trees with amazing features.

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