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Our story began in 2004 with a gift of a small bonsai tree. As the years passed, the desire to learn and acquire more knowledge about this ancient Japanese art of bonsai grew stronger. It was evident that bonsai was not just about gardening, but a creative exercise that allowed individuals to develop unique pieces that ultimately resembled life-size trees.

After several years of building our personal collection and learning from notable European and Japanese bonsai masters, Bonsaiteca was created in April 2020 as the first atelier completely dedicated to bonsai design. Our private collection has been selected and displayed in some of the most prestigious European shows such as Noelander’s Trophy, EBA, and Crespi Cup. Our aim is to offer a different view on bonsai design, guided by the traditional Japanese school. Every tree is different, and every project is unique. Additionally, we create a remarkable community of people and companies that want to learn more about bonsai. Education is one of our mantras.

Our atelier is located in Guimarães.

Our Atelier

We opened our atelier in September 2022 in the historical city of Guimarães, in the north of Portugal. Bonsaiteca works as a showroom and atelier, and it can be visited by appointment. Visitors can see our permanent collection of bonsai, attend a workshop or a private class. Visit us!

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